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Digitorney – “The Digital Attorney” introduces the world’s first digitally based international collaboration network exclusively designed for the business law market. Corporate law firms, specialized law firm boutiques as well as freelance lawyers specialized in certain legal fields as well as students/bachelors will find wholly new and innovative ways to arrange mandates, engage and collaborate. We take legal advisory to a completely new level through virtual collaboration and outsourcing. In Western Europe, our services will be available in six countries – starting with Germany.

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Digital Collaboration Platform for legal mandates

Based on Intralinks technology, Digitorney provides corporate law firms and pool attorneys with a unique digital tool allowing for virtual collaboration. Our data room enables all parties to upload files and to exchange working results – no emails, no hassle, everything in place to concentrate on what you do best: serve the needs of your clients. LOGIN


Setting the highest standards we strive to achieve

Digitorney addresses to large or medium-sized law firms who provide legal assistance in the fields of business law and who intend to resort to external resources for certain legal cases or research needs. By using Digitorney, corporate law firms can cover peak demands, optimize the internal degree of capacity utilization and profitability, and avoid step costs arising in case of development or expansion of business areas.

Experts from our pool of lawyers can be integrated into the existing team of lawyers by digital means, thus providing their expertise in any field of corporate law required for particular legal cases. After a briefing by phone or in writing, our lawyers provide the requested product/service by means of the securely encrypted Digitorney platform and contribute in this way to legal cases – primarily by digital means and, upon request, also in person.

Please contact us for support in terms of your mandates: mandate@digitorney.com



Premium quality is our standard

Within the scope of legal cases or projects, it can be reasonable for corporate law firms to call in Digitorneys, if there is a short-term need for one of the following services which cannot or shall not be covered by the law-firm itself:

    • Contribution to legal / tax due diligences
    • Preparation or amendment of briefs
    • Writing of expert opinions or memoranda
    • Research on case law or specialist literature
    • etc.

By means of our personnel selection process structured according to objective criteria as well as our centralized quality assurance, Digitorney ensures that only suited expert lawyers are involved in your legal cases and/or projects and that their work results comply with the highest quality standards.

Please contact us for support in terms of your mandates: mandate@digitorney.com



Whatever you need, whenever you need it

Experts suited for each individual legal case – in this spirit Digitorney offers to corporate law firms the access to our Digitorneys covering all fields of corporate law. Our pool of lawyers covers the following professional range:

  • Corporate law/M&A
  • Capital market/finance law
  • Antitrust law
  • Insolvency law and restructuring law
  • Tax law
  • Labor Law
  • Trademark and patent law
  • Environmental law
  • Public commercial law / public procurement law
  • Insurance law
  • Energy law

Please contact us for support in terms of your mandates: mandate@digitorney.com

BD Services


We develop law firms in changing markets

Beyond its digital collaboration network, Digitorney offers business development solutions tailored to the needs of corporate law firms. Our attorneys render strategic and operational services in terms of marketing and project management at fixed rates jointly with our network partners:

  • Pitch presentations
  • Visualization of transaction structures and legal solutions
  • Implementation of content marketing solutions (e.g. video clips, newsletters, surveys)
  • Events (e.g. conferences) for clients
  • Digital solutions (e.g. corporate website, social media)
  • Corporate design
  • Corporate services (e.g. serviced offices, office addresses)
  • etc.

Please contact us for support in terms of your business development: info@digitorney.com



Our face and our soul

An occupation customized to private life while ensuring a high professional level, content diversity, and an attractive income – Digitorney turns this into reality. Our new approach to collaboration is designed for lawyers who work for renowned law firms wishing to find a well-balanced combination of private and professional life.

Depending on the experience and the affiliation, corporate lawyers can reach various seniority levels at Digitorney:

  • Executive Digitorney
  • Managing Digitorney
  • Senior Digitorney

Please provide your CV plus references: poolattorney@digitorney.com



About – us for you

Digitorney stands for legal top performance – provided for international corporate law firms by digital means. Our virtual pool of lawyers, consisting of highly qualified experts coming from all fields of corporate law, is available on a flexible basis for temporary use in complex legal cases, short-term research requests as well as for long-term legal cases.

Digitorney provides for lawyers having gained experience working in corporate law firms or legal departments the ideal platform to obtain an optimized work-life balance: after a parental leave or in the event of professional changes (e.g. early “retirement” – for the lucky ones among us…), Digitorney enables highly qualified lawyers to work for corporate law firms on a freelance basis at any time and from anywhere while gaining an attractive income. In addition, both sole practitioners and law firm boutiques can strengthen their deal pipeline pipeline through Digitorney. Moreover, students and law clerks are able to gain premium experiences and to knit a qualified network.



We all love what we do

Digitorney banks on a diverse team with management experience in corporate law firms, seasoned lawyers and digital natives. We are convinced that our business model requires a good mixture of entrepreneurial, highly energetic and disruptive mindset as well as rock-solid traditional legal advisory know-how. Digitorney brings it all together and lets its clients benefit from premium leadership consultancy across the globe.

Dr. Ruediger Theiselmann

Dr. Ruediger Theiselmann

Dr. Ruediger Theiselmann, LL.M.oec. is Chairman and Head of Western Europe at Digitorney. He works as an attorney in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and used to be an executive partner in the management team of a law firm. Prior to that, he worked for two banks and served as Head of Corporate Center in the investment banking division. He gained experience in establishing digital business models in the financial and media sector. Jointly with his team at Huckberg GmbH, he implements strategic projects and corporate ventures worldwide. In parallel, Ruediger is a lecturer in business laws at the University of Cologne and the European Business School in Wiesbaden.

Oleg Rivkin

Oleg Rivkin

Oleg Rivkin is Head of North America at Digitorney based in New York City. He looks back on nearly 25 years’ experience as attorney and partner in U.S. law firms and specializes in international litigation. In 2016, he founded his own law firm in Manhattan and is responsible for Digitorney’s operations in the U.S. and Canada.

Tobias Fabian Huinink

Tobias Fabian Huinink

Tobias Fabian Huinink, MBA is Head of Digitorney Asia. He worked for a world-leading recycling and environment group as well as raw material supplier where he headed the corporate development in China for several years. Thereafter he joined a law firm in Hamburg as a Partner and has advised the owners as well as the senior management of Asian investors in terms of acquisitions in Europe with special focus commercial real estate.

Maria Flavia do Amaral, LL.M.

Maria Flavia do Amaral, LL.M.

Maria Flavia do Amaral is Head of South America at Digitorney. She studied law and economics in Brasil, USA and Germany and received an LL.M. in the USA. Prior to joining Digitorney, she worked for international corporate law firms in Brasil and Germany, co-founded and managed (for four years) a logistics-servicer in Brasil; at the same time, she has been working on her doctoral thesis at the University of Cologne. Since 2016 she is in charge of the establishment of Digitorney’s operations and network in South America.



Call us around the globe

Digitorney runs five hubs in various jurisdictions and covers more than 30 countries worldwide. Our regional heads coordinate all activities in the respective region and makes sure that corporate law firms find the right pool-lawyers. Should you need additional resources, please contact us: lawfirm@digitorney.com



Digitorney Benelux

Cuserstraat 93
NL-1081 CN

Phone: +31(0)6 36 52 38 25

Email: amsterdam@digitorney.com

>> Head of Benelux: Gaby Baaijens



Digitorney Asia

506 South Huang Pi Nan Road
Building 11
Shanghai 200000

Phone: +86 186.11099.906
Email: shanghai@digitorney.com

>> Head of Digitorney Asia: Tobias Fabian Huinink, MBA

New York

New York

Digitorney North America

800 Third Avenue, Suite 2501
New York City, New York 10022
United States of America

Phone: +1 212.231.977
Email: newyork@digitorney.com

>> Head of Digitorney North America: Oleg Rivkin

São Paulo

São Paulo

Digitorney South America

Av. Cidade Jardim, 803 Jardim Paulistano
São Paulo 01453-000

Phone: +55 41.9949.5020
Email: saopaulo@digitorney.com

>> Head of Digitorney South America: Maria Flavia do Amaral



Digitorney Western Europe

110 Philbeach Gardens
London SW5 9ET
United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0) 758.427.8343
Email: london@digitorney.com

>> Head of Digitorney Western Europe: Dr. Ruediger Theiselmann

Frankfurt (HQ)

Frankfurt (HQ)

Digitorney Headquarters

Untermainkai 20
D-60329 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49(0)69 254 74 202-0
Email: frankfurt@digitorney.com

>> Chairman: Dr. Ruediger Theiselmann

Strategic Partners


We bank on strong relationships

Digitorney collaborates with selected strategic partners across disciplines and continents in order to provide premium business development services to corporate law firms.

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